Ivan Cattaneo was born in Bergamo in 1953, he graduated from art school and then continues with various studies and masters in Art. He lives from 1972 to 1973 in the swinging London of Bowie’s glamorous Roxy-Music of Bacon’s painting of which he becomes friend and draws great experience. Back in Italy he records his first three experimental records for the “last beach” of Nanni Ricordi, the inventor of all songwriters. Twenty-five years before the multimedia’ he invents his T.U.V.O.G. ART (touch, hearing, sight, smell, taste) that is the total art of the five senses, and he finds himself unknowingly an anticipator of the multimedia desire. Pioneer and champion of the first Italian punk rock, is the inventor of the first groups desecrators type electroshock or revolver, as well as the invention and launch of the first version of Anna Oxa punk precisely. And ‘indirectly witness and collaborator to launches of other characters such as Down Mitchell of 40nighters, Patrizia di Malta of the Italian group or Diana East, and not negligible connections inventive for Patty Pravo. He continues discographically with CGD. Inventor of the revival of the 60’s which he called “archaeology-modern”. He is the star of transmissions such as ‘Mister Fantasy’, where the first video clips are experimented.

He launches a trend that will mark the new cult of remembering and reviewing vintage mixed with the future: modern archaeology! Since 1993 he has been dedicating himself to his life-art, or combined languages, multimedia shows where video-installations are mixed with electronic stories, performances and songs.

Of this period his shows in churches “Kirye elei song” or in theaters “zoocietà duemilanovecento” or in art galleries. It exposes in the most prestigious galleries of art of Europe, amalgamating painting to video-storytelling and performances.

Of great importance some of his exhibitions:

– 1977 at the gallery-laboratory of via Maroncelli 14 in Milan he performs his first exhibition, a mix of art music provocation mockery, invitation to the most pioneering transgression, given the years, and certainly ante litteram its precise hint to the multimedia, the languages-joined!

– 1993 “The 100 Mona Lisa” a mammoth operation with 100 canvases combined with 100 poetic haikus that also determine the title of the work. Eyes, mouths in collage, remixed and muddied in color, in polymaterial, in drawing, so that each of the 100 faces is like a real face smeared with art! All his 100 Gioconde are exhibited in Brescia in the gallery of artists and in Roncole di Busseto – Verdi;

– In 2000 he exhibited in a personal exhibition at the great-macello-di-Catania; Ivan now mixed the digital-art to the primitive craftsmanship and also here are the color and the matter that invade and reappropriate the figure and the dream;

– In 1999 he exhibited at the museum of modern art revoltella of Trieste, then again at the gallery of artists in Brescia, the Forte di bard Aosta, and countless other interesting locations;

– In 2010 he exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Lissone for the exhibition poesis;

– In 2011 he participated in the Venice Biennale also traveling to Milan and Turin curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. In the meantime he always alternates between art and music trying to find a definitive way to reconnect, amalgamate and spread the two different artistic expressions so that they no longer appear so distant and irreconcilable.

And in this apparently Quixotic challenge Ivan has partly succeeded, for example with his tableaux mouvants, that is, his paintings that move, minimal-video-narratives where the story-teller’s tale mixes with music and where music mixes with video-art, where even the voice and live gestures blend with pictorial expression.

Starting from 2012 IVAN continues with artistic performances in art galleries, in a succession of various exhibitions named VISI DI/VISI, IO FACCIO FACCE or L’URLO D’I VAN GOGH. Not least the various exhibitions that followed: the arcadia gallery, the Art Luxury in Milan, up to the various exhibitions in Paviart with Lodola and already a first taste at Glance Art Studio in Forlì, with some of his works exhibited at the personal Walter Piacesi. He then alternated with the various television appearances and concerts that have seen him as a proven histrionic of his most pop repertoire.

In 2020 a new album will be released, but it will have a more complex and complete format, accompanied by a book and a digital support where all his tableaux mouvant will take shape, that is his video-stories, direct heirs of video-art.