Who they are

blend of artists under a common brand, they were born in 2020

What they think

They firmly believe that the time has come to think with the heart to act with courage, under the star of change, they listen to their heart and find the impetus to act, knowing that not to dare is to lose themselves permanently, but to dare is to lose oneself only momentarily. Without courage there is no change, no growth, and it is the passport to change.

Their art

MR AND MRS LOVE propose works made through an extremely pop artistic language, very immediate and fun, playful and extremely simple. Mr and Mrs Love propose their ideas and their intentions with works expressed through a simple language belonged more or less to everyone hooking, however, a ‘idea much more complex as the’ idea of ‘love in all its many forms.

What they fight for

Freedom, Equality, Fraternity

from the ancient revolutionary values, a pop revolution of our times that starts from the ego through the courage to lay bare the big heart … whatever is behind it.

Love encompasses everything!

1. Omnia vincit amor: the time has come to think with the heart and to act
act with courage!
2. …et nos cedamus amori. But yielding means acting, listening to ourselves,
to understand the things we really care about and to seek them out with audacity and
3. Let us dare! Dare! Daring can also mean losing oneself
Not doing so means losing oneself forever.
4. To dare means to change. Change means growth. Courage is the
the passport to change. Immobility kills, do not become
zombies going through their own lives.
5. Start the journey: you will go through shadowy areas, each one has its own
Dark forest. But if love guides us surely one day we will be able to say
“we went out to see the stars again”, quoting Dante, a mind as brave and in love as we are.
in love as we are.
It is from Italy that we spread this manifesto of ours, that we launch
the seed of a colourful and happy revolution.
We are many, we are young, we have energy. We do not hide
behind our heart. On the contrary: it is our banner, our seal, which unites us and gives us strength.
unites us and gives us strength.
We are the wind that shakes the forest, that wakes up numb and comfortable souls.
comfortable souls.
We chose pop iconography because it belongs to our generation.
But far from being a comfortable refuge, it represents a point of departure to start
starting point to begin the search for a new idea of love.
Which, mind you, is not romantic love: it is love in all its many forms.
multiple forms
Now, come on, choose your Heart,
let’s start the journey!