Marco Lazzeri
was born in Florence in 1968.
Later he moved to Prato where he lives and works.
Self-taught, from a very young age shows a strong aptitude for drawing.
Driven by the desire to deepen the various painting techniques has attended courses in
painting courses, first at the art workshop of the painter T i z i a n o B o n a n n i , then
subsequently following the teachings of the Iraqi master Resmi Al Kafaji at the
Leonardo School of Art in Prato, gaining experience in drawing from life. He has
taken part in numerous artistic manifestations obtaining attention and
special recognition from critics and the public.
It approaches a pop world through scanned and funny small formats on canvas where
Reproposes the historical meaning POP-ULAR, while in his urban views represents the frenzy or the static
the frenzy or the static nature of our times in perfect photographic surrealist key.
Technique: acrylics on canvas