Milanese painter. Born 1972.
He devoted himself to art since 1993, moving from a non-artistic background to the New Academy of Belle Arti Milan, where he got graduated in 1997 with Professor Claudio Olivieri. He defines his work sometimes as figurative-stylized, sometimes abstract, with hints at childhood.
His research originates from a strong, dreamlike introspection, from the contrasts between fiction and reality, blending places, colors and atmospheres.
“A time-game” in which past present and future climb up and down the same stairs, with no distinction of cause, creating a visionary composition which finds its natural course in a mood of suspension.
All of this is tied by one thread, that of the pathway of self-expression, constantly changing and always alternating between instinct and reason.
This last one supported by the symbology of various elements.
From the facades of houses to the underground routes of various cities, to the sports-fields, as a twist of stories, people, hopes, considering sport-games as a metaphor of life, passing through the most common objects such as cutleries, strainers and knives which in their apparent uselessness hide dramas and stories of domestic habits.
A description reflecting upon the disequilibrium between joy and pain, illusion and disenchantment, suitability and inevitable. “Basically, it is as when I listen to music with eyes closed and hundreds of images of any sort cross my mind. Most of times this is the way I imagine the structure of what I am going to paint, I like to mix everything together”.
Colors, as well as music, are an essential engine to the purpose of composition. Nothing as music, in fact, can immortalize moods, as a real camera capturing feelings.
In the same way the various parts of the lyrics of a song, become traveling companions, concepts which left a sign, for one reason or for another, a bit as those friends that because of their different lifestyles you never see, but you are always happy to meet.
If we want to describe with one concept the philosophy of this character, we could say that, in order not to think, he plunges himself into a snowy mountain, completely white. An immersion into neutrality, lasting only some peaceful instants, to be colored right afterwards.

Era cosi vicino


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