Cavedon Giampietro

Giampietro Cavedon
He was born in 1951 in Marano Vicentino, where he has lived and worked ever since. Having started painting and exhibiting at a very young age, he has taken part in important national competitions for many years and his works have been exhibited at important exhibitions where he has won prizes and awards. These include first prize at the Civitella della Chiana Biennial and competitions in Arco, Asolo, Schio, Zugliano and Fratta Polesine. He obtained important results at the Agazzi Prize of Mapello, the Biennale of Soliera, the Biennale of Osio di Sotto, the G.B.Cromer Prize of Agna, the Cordignano Prize, the Chimera Prize of Arezzo and the Biennale of Fiume Veneto. His works have been exhibited in Brussels, Rome, San Francisco, New York and Barcelona.
Cavedon’s settings, from urban landscapes to domestic or industrial interiors, are immersed in an atmosphere dense with evocation. It is the action of memory that tries to bring memories into focus, the hand moving its brush, the blurred contours reveal the impossibility of grasping images clearly. What the artist represents in his works is not what one sees but what he sees and brings back to us through the filter of his mind. All that is left for the viewer to do is to guess, to intuit, to search among the objects and the sketched contours for a melancholic, elusive dimension that may never be revealed.