Born in Turin in a fragrant and warm end of May 1960, the economic revival of Italy was pushing hard, new stimuli, new ideas, radical changes in society. He began to have trouble from the very first day of school, instead of doing the first exercise sitting at the school desk, he drew on his notebook a beautiful cake with six candles.
As he grew up, his desire to draw and color did not subside, in fact, while attending middle school, the art teacher had him draw an entire wall of the drawing room as an assignment, it was the 70’s and I was just over 10 years old when I painted my first mural.
He never stopped drawing no matter what life put in his way, never. After parentheses in the world of comics and illustration he began to paint with oil paints on canvas especially large.
Solo exhibitions in Turin, Paris, Basel, Monte Carlo, Geneva, Milan, Teramo, Bologna, Venice. I am invited to an important collective of Pop Surrealism of international level in Rivoli TO, entitled “Stay Foolish”. Participated in the 54th Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.
Surreal pop figurative painting is what he does, he investigates the inner world of adults extrapolating it from the inside and transfers it on the canvas.