Aldo Lurci was born in San Marcello Pistoiese in 1949. He attended the Institute and the Magisterium of Art of Porta Romana in Florence. Subsequently the Higher Course of Industrial Design and the first three years of the Faculty of Architecture of Florence. Painting was the constant center of interest of him. He works today in the studios of Prato and Montebenichi (AR).

“Two distinct and evident roots: geometric abstractionism and training in the field of planning (design / architecture). Above all the rigorous compositional research focused on form and color. Between painting and architecture, this is its coherent and lucid development , made up of passages from the two-dimensional space of the project, to the invention of the painted cube, to the image of a virtual interior, to return to large-format painting. Passages of descriptive contexts in front of which the observer positions himself in a path that can involve at different levels. A last glance stops on the canvas. The place hosting the exhibition is only apparently neutral, it actually offers the possibility of an ancestral dialogue: full of meanings, container of ideas, contextualizes the works with surprising coherence